No More Dysphoria

by Hit Like a Girl

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This song is about my experience being non-binary. Sometimes non-binary is misconstrued as strictly feeling somewhere in the middle of the gender spectrum. My experience with it is there are days where I wake up, and I feel 100% like a binary cis woman, and there are days where I wake up and I feel 100% like a binary man. I use They/Them pronouns in my personal life because I like the idea of a lot of asepcts of my life to remain neutral, but I do not get upset or offended if I am accidentally misgendered with "she" because no one is perfect and it is impossible to expect most people who don't know me to know my gender identity without it being explained to them first. This constant process of "coming out" & explaining it is often times exhausting, and most of the time I don't want to talk about it, so I don't. Even writing this feels mentally exhausting because I feel this unspoken of pressure from society to constantly have to explain myself and my gender, especially because of the non-profit organization that I run called No More Dysphoria, which is primarily geared to help transgender/gender non conforming people. One day I'd like to get top surgery when I am probably in my 40's and consider my options with HRT, but I am not ready to do so right now, and although living with some cis-woman body parts & reproductive functions causes me discomfort, I understand my role in society and that it just do be like that sometimes.


Worried about passing so I shave my head
Feeling dysphoric so I bind my breasts
Sometimes I want to feel pretty, so I put on a dress
Now I'm just a girl with a flatter chest

Everyone at work still calls me "she"
Explaining the binary is too exhausting for me
So I clench my fists and I will try to accept it
Not sure if it's worth it to try and correct it

So I put on my tie, and lace up my shoes, and wear my Sunday's best
Cause when I step outside my apartment, I'll try not to feel so oppressed.

Wanna shave my legs, cause the long hair it itches
But if I do I know that it's not gonna fix this
Fix these mixed feelings of who I really am
No more dysphoria- that is my plan

So I put on my tie, and lace up my shoes, and wear my Sunday's best
Cause when I step outside my apartment, I'll try not to feel so oppressed.

Can't stand how I look or fit in society's mold
of how a lady walks and talk and acts, fuck your gender roles
Guess what I'm saying is that I am doomed
to getting periods, and using the woman's bathroom.


released October 2, 2019
Levi Miller wrote and produced the drums
Frederick Pruden wrote all the instrumentation except one small unnoticeable synth line in the choruses
I wrote the lyrics
Doug Gallo recorded and produced the song at AGL Studios in New Jersey

Single art by Zoe Reynolds


all rights reserved



Hit Like A Girl Montclair, New Jersey

Hit Like A Girl is a project by Nicolle Maroulis

We run a transgender non profit organization called No More Dysphoria

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